I have written this program for my daughter Chantal. Since her first year of life she likes to sit on my lap and types on the keyboard of my Macintosh. She is always happy if something changes on the monitor or a tone appears.

The first version of Bambini was developed by this situation. It displayed different forms at every keystroke by random. Also, a tone was played. When Chantal was 3 years old and wanted a little more interaction, I added some additional games. The simple forms were also added by more effortful, lovely animal pictures, designed by Marcel Möri.

With version 3, I completely redesigned Bambini and enhanced the operation in many points. It consists, of altogether 5 different games now, which can be played with 5 different picture sets. Now it is very much easier to add own pictures. A version for Windows and Linux is available now, too.

What's new?

With version 4.3 we support Linux for ARM. This makes it available for Raspberry Pi, too.


End User License Agreement (EULA)

With the download, you accept the following conditions. This applies to the unregistered version, too.

  • You are allowed to give the program to another person. But you have to give this person the original files, like we provide on our web-server.
  • Changes at the files (program, help texts, user guide...) are not allowed. The original programs are allowed to change the data, only.
  • The user guide is exclusive for the usage of this program. Any other usage is forbidden.
  • Earlier license agreements are invalid with the release of this version.With payment of the registration fee, you get the right to use this program for an unlimited time.
  • The MC Richter GbR is not responsible for damages, which results direct or indirect from the usage of this software. This applies also to the statements made in the user guide.


You can download the archive for the corresponding operating system

There is also a version for the iPhone and iPad available.

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