I have originally written this application for my daughter Chantal. Since her first year of life she liked to sit on my lap and types on the keyboard of my Macintosh. She was always happy if something changes on the monitor.

The first version of Bambini was developed by this situation. It displayed different forms at every keystroke by random. When Chantal was 3 years old and wanted a little more interaction, I added some additional games. The simple forms were also added by more effortful, lovely animal pictures, designed by Marcel Möri.

With iBambini. I brought this small, but beautiful application on the iPhone and iPad. The usage was adapted to the touch screen of these wonderful devices. And also some other features, like shaking was added.


You can download it direct from App Store.


All games starts with an automatic, which explains the game. With the first action of the child this stops. The child can play now.

  • Random
    In this game, the picture changes with each touch of the screen. Also shaking of the device results in a change. After a few seconds the image changes automatically.
  • Search
    Here, the child must find the correct picture.
  • Push
    In this game, the child presses a key. The corresponding image will be shown.
  • Letter
    In this game, you have to find the first letter of the corresponding animal.
  • Number
    Here, the child must find the correct number of images.
  • Settings
    For each letter of the alphabet, a beautiful animal image is stored. Because of the different languages, it is not possible to use it in all languages, without an adaption. Because of this, you can assign own images with the settings. The delivered images are for the German language.
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