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This app gives you a good overview of your model train collection. You can store all values (gauge, class…) of your models in this app. But not only the information of the model can be stored. Also the dates of the original can be administered.

Normally, only the actual information will be shown. With this app, you see also the history. For the model, this means that you can enter all changes (repair, modifications…). And for the original, the whole life-cycle can be shown.

This app is designed for the iPad and iPhone. But with xMoVe, Mac-MoVe, WinMoVe, Win-MoVe and Lin-MoVe, there are apps for the desktop computer available. With the mobile app, you can manage the values on the road. And when you are at home, you are able to enter values very easy with your desktop computer. With the integrated synchronization, you are able to keep both systems always up to date.

In detail there are the following features:

  • Several track gauges can be used.
  • Up to four pictures can be stored for each model.
  • The history (maintenance, repair, retrofit...) of each model is available.
  • All spare parts are stored.
  • Information about the original is recordable.
  • The life cycle of the original is available.
  • Synchronization between mobile app and desktop program.
  • With the speedometer, you measure the speed of each train.


You can download it direct from App Store.


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