Many users of Mac-HaBu, Win-HaBu and Lin-HaBu asked us for a program to write invoices for services of a rental object (Apartments, Offices …). It seems that there is no application for this job, which works as flexible as our programs (e.g. cross platform). This was the reason; we decided to develop a new application.

xNeKo, Mac-NeKo, WinNeKo, Win-NeKo and Lin-NeKo are developed as independent applications. They can be used for rental objects. But they also work for objects, where only the service must be paid. Who need also an accounting program, can use our accounting program. Between both programs exists an interface, which makes it easy to transfer data.

During the development, we used the concepts of our accounting program. Beside the simple and intuitive operation, a high flexibility is extremely important. Older objects, different contracts or additional changes can make the calculation very complex. Therefore, a program must be flexible and expandable, also during the live cycle.

With the existing examples and the wizard, you are able to install it very easy. Nevertheless, you are able to expand the calculations for more complex objects. With this feature, you are able to create invoices for almost all objects.

Through the high scalability (calculations, accounts...), an optimal protection of your investment is guaranteed. Of course, we also offer updates (usually free) regularly with new features.

What's new?

The following list shows the most important new features of version 24.2:

  • Darkmode is now available on Windows. In this context, we also optimized some points for Linux and macOS.

We also corrected all known errors and optimized the usage.


End User License Agreement (EULA)

With the download, you accept the following conditions. This applies to the unregistered version, too.

  • You are allowed to give the program to another person. But you have to give this person the original files, like we provide on our web-server.
  • Changes at the files (program, help texts, user guide...) are not allowed. The original programs are allowed to change the data, only.
  • The user guide is exclusive for the usage of this program. Any other usage is forbidden.
  • Earlier license agreements are invalid with the release of this version.
  • With payment of the registration fee, you get the right to use this program for an unlimited time.
  • You may use the software on different computers. But only one person is allowed to work with it at the same time.
  • You are not allowed to give the registered version to another person.
  • The user guide is exclusive for the usage of this program. Any other usage is forbidden.
  • Leasing, Renting or something else like this is forbidden.
  • The registration information is to be protected against the access by other persons.
  • You have up to 60 days to verify all functions of this program. With the payment of the registration fee you accept, that it works for you.
  • The MC Richter GbR is not responsible for damages, which results direct or indirect from the usage of this software. This applies also to the statements made in the user guide.


You can download Mac-Neko, Win-NeKo and Lin-NeKo and start accounting.

Notes to above versions:

  • The version for ARM can be used on a Raspberry Pi if the system requirements (e.g. memory) are fulfilled,
  • For an update from versions prior 19.3, it is necessary to update to version 19.3 first. Only after this, you can update to the current version. Please use Mac-NeKo 19.3, Win-NeKo 19.3 or Lin-NeKo 19.3 for this step.
  • With xNeKo, a version for macOS is available, which can be loaded from the App Store.
  • You can also read the user guide for xNeKo comfortably in the app "Books" on your Mac, iPad or iPhone.
  • When you start Lin-NeKo the first time, it may be possible that the controls are not displayed correct. If this occurs, open the preferences and adjust the control.
  • For a faster download, all versions (not Win-NeKo) are stored as an archive file. Normally you don't need special software to unpack the archive.
  • When starting the installer for Win-NeKo, there may be several security warnings. The reason is that Windows wants to protect you from viruses and Trojans. Our applications are developed under macOS and are therefore protected from malware for Windows. Therefore, please confirm all the warnings.


This software is Shareware. It may be copied and used by everyone. However, copy always the original version, together with this documentation.

You can use this program 60 days without registration. Without registration, the access to the database is locked after this period. Only with the registration, the access will be unlocked. During the test phase, you can use the complete program, without the export functions.

You can pay the registration fee with a bank transfer to our account:

Logo der MC Richter GbR

Volksbank Darmstadt Mainz

Inhaber: Claudia und Manfred Richter


IBAN: DE51551900000055240014

The description on a bank transfer is often truncated. Therefore it is necessary to send the address information (Mail or postal address) additionally (by Mail).

As an alternative, you can use PayPal for payment. But write also an email, please.

After receiving the money, you get a Mail with the code for the registration.


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