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We use this program to manage all features of our applications. When I get a new idea for a function, I write the description into this application. In most cases I have not the time to implement this function at once. But as soon as I have enough time, I look into this application and implement it. In the same way I work with errors - but I try to solve them more quickly. Because of the integrated version control, I see always in which state the function or error is. And I see in which version I implemented a function - or corrected an error.

There are similar systems for this task. But this application was optimized for very small teams. Without it, I have not the overview of all functions and error correction in all my applications.

And for the mobile administration, iProLi is available. It can be used as an independent application. But in most cases it makes more sense to synchronize the data between both platforms. So, you don't loose an idea if you are not at home.

I think many other developers have the same problems and don't want to install a complete version tracking system. So I released this application as Freeware. I use this program for my own projects every day. So I will add new features very quick. But I like to add ideas from other users, too. Please let me know your ideas.


You can download it direct from App Store.


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