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With this app you get a complete double-entry accounting for iPhone and iPad. But you can also use it together with our desktop programs Mac-HaBu, xHaBu, Win-HaBu, WinHaBu or Lin-HaBu. During a meeting, for example, the most important reports can be conveniently displayed on the iPad.

After an InApp purchase, you have the option to enter data with the mobile app. This can be, for example, the expenses for lunch. But you can also manage your drivers logbook on your iPhone. Of course, all data recorded can be further processed with one of our desktop programs. Since synchronization takes place directly between the devices, no data is stored in a cloud.


You can download it direct from App-Store.

Purchase of iHaBu Pro

With the free version all data can be viewed from the desktop program.

If data is also to be entered - or iHaBu Pro is to be used as an independent application - a one-time InApp purchase is necessary. The purchase can be made either in the corresponding actions (e.g. entering) or in the settings.

What is new?

When entering amounts (journal / cash book), a formula consisting of the 4 basic arithmetic operations can now be used.

Upgrade vom iHaBu

With this version we have developed iHaBu from scratch. This was necessary to integrate the current and future functions of the iPhone and iPad. We can also offer a version for the AppleWatch.

Unfortunately, this does not allow a direct upgrade of the previous versions. For this reason, the app is now called iHaBu Pro in the Store and must be loaded separately. To transfer existing data from iHaBu to iHaBu Pro there are two ways:

  • You use the direct synchronization:
    • To ensure that the current data is available on the desktop computer, you should synchronize again with iHaBu.
    • Please check in the system settings that the iCloud synchronization of iHaBu Pro is deactivated.
    • Start iHaBu Pro and switch with to the settings. There you enter the connection data (as in iHaBu). Here, you must activate "Delete local data" to load all data from the desktop computer.
    • Now you can synchronize the data with the desktop version as before.
  • The data are transferred using iCloud:
    • Check in the system settings that the iCloud synchronization of iHaBu Pro is activated.
    • Start iHaBu Pro and verify that there are no accounts in all clients. If this is the case, you can, for example, create a new client without master data and delete all others.
    • Wait a few minutes, until all data is synchronized with iCloud.
    • Now start iHaBu and call "Synchronization (complete synchronization)“. Select iHaBu Pro as target.
    • After the data has been transferred, it is displayed in iHaBu Pro.
    • You can now continue working with iHaBu Pro.


A detailed user manual can be found in the manual for Mac-HaBu, xHaBu, Win-HaBu, WinHaBu and Lin-HaBu. You will receive this with the download of the respective application. We also provide the user guide for xHaBu in Apple's BookStore. A slightly shortened version can also be found in the application under the question mark.


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